Coarse Mineral Flotation Advances


Improving flotation mineral value recoveries generally and often means improving recovery of fine and coarse particles. Particles approximately 37-200 micron size generally are optimum for flotation assuming the particles are sufficiently liberated. Those particles larger and smaller are more difficult and hydrodynamically challenging. Further, to make matters even more challenging, chemical and equipment adjustments and changes for improving fine and coarse particle recoveries are generally in opposition meaning adjustments needed to improve fines flotation are not optimum for coarse particles and vice versa.

Chemical and equipment suppliers have done much work to improve flotation process effectiveness and efficiency. The October 2017 Mining Magazine issue focused on recent coarse particle flotation developments with a series of interviews with leading global flotation experts. FMC Cheminova’s Bill Hancock provided his perspective on reagents for coarse particle flotation. This article is attached for reference.

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