Safety & Environmental

FMC recognizes our responsibility towards environmental protection and resource sustainability.
This policy is particularly important in a country renowned for its focus and emphasis on a clean and safe environment. We believe that expenditures made toward betterment of our environment are an investment rather than a cost. Therefore, FMC has taken up the challenge posed by the society and has invested large sums in protecting the environment.

In the development of production processes and design of plants, we do everything possible to minimize the quantities of waste products by recycling or by reuse in other processes.
Wastewater, containing large quantities of phosphorous material, is treated in a special biological wastewater treatment plant. FMC is on a continuous quest to improve our environmental control and minimization technologies and adapt to new, increasingly difficult, challenges. However,
we strongly believe that our investments in environmental protection have provided us with a unique know-how and thus a competitive advantage.